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29 Louisville Avenue
Pascoe Vale South, VIC, 3044

0408 308 254

our story

our story 


Simple Dimple started with a love of simple, beautiful design, a desire to stop creating waste and to help people feel they can do something positive for the planet.

The aim with simple dimple is to use reclaimed materials to create products that help people be less wasteful and more aware of what their impact on the world is while still allowing them to have beautifully designed products that are practical and long lasting.




Fee is Melbourne based designer who is passionate about the environment and loves creating with her hands. After participating in a fund-raising campaign where participants lived on extremely low income to raise awareness about poverty, Fee became aware of how much in our lives we could do without and how many resources get wasted by thoughtless consumption. In line with this realisation, Fee has created Simple Dimple as a way to use her design skills to create simple products that allow people to help the planet and feel good doing it.



Our produce bags were originally designed and sewn using recycled curtain scrim. This wasn’t the most energy or cost efficient solution for us. We wanted our product to be reasonably priced so that more people could help reduce the use of single use plastic bags and after searching we found an outside supplier in Onya who are an Australian based company with similar values that creates produce bags out of recycled plastic drink bottles.